Powerful human interest stories

I tell memorable stories so that readers and policy makers can empathise and act.

Charos’s story

Azima’s story.

Aziza’s story

Advocacy briefs

I’ve produced succinct, hard-hitting and persuasive advocacy briefs on topics across health and nutrition, child protection and juvenile justice. I’ve brought these to life by writing human interest stories, animated infographics and speeches for campaign launches.

Uzbekistan National Survey advocacy pack

Animated infographic (Russian)


I’ve devised and run training on communications, voice, personal development and infant feeding. I’ve worked with many private sector blue chip companies, particularly in the fintech and banking sectors, and a range of NGO and Government clients including Action Contre La Faim, British Council, DFID, UNICEF and UN Women.

Communications for NGOs

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from UNICEF, USAID, Save the Children, GIZ, EU, Action Contre la Faim, ENN,¬†University of Glasgow and the Ethiopian Coffee Federation to craft clear memorable communications that inform and impress.

Educational docu-drama

I scripted and produced a 20 minute docudrama for Ethiopian TV on managing breastfeeding. The programme was screened on national TV and throughout Ethiopia, in antenatal clinics.

Presenting and conference speaking

I’m an engaging and entertaining speaker. I’ve presented on the main stage of conferences and events such as the 8th Congress of Lactation in Bilbao and the ITU conference in Geneva. I’ve also presented sections for national TV.